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second day, new blog

24 May

So far, I like this WordPress.  I haven't had too much time to play yet but so far…thumbs up!
Stuff's boring right now – the only things in my life today are knitting, looking forward to tonight's episode of Lost and ruminating on the series finale of Alias. 
It was so sad and while I knew that not everything would be wrapped up, I was pretty satisfied with what was tied together.  Old characters were seen again(Good Francie!), SpyMommy came back of course and Sloane got his in a way that I didn't quite anticipate.  I admit it, I never thought any of that Rambaldi stuff really meant anything.  Just like I don't believe that anything will happen if we don't push "the button" on Lost.  But if I'm wrong, I can't wait to see it. 


Hello, world!

23 May

Starting a new blog.  I've started it as part of a workshop on blogs but this is a perfect excuse to get back into blogging.   So, stay tuned…fascinating commentary will be forthcoming.