it’s been all summer since I blogged.

15 Sep

In fact, the last time was right after I created this blog for the blogging class I took at work. But I thought about it – honest I did. And I can’t blame it on anything except me not feeling like blogging. I’m too busy reading other blogs and marveling at their genius to work on anything of my own. All those knitters and their fabulous projects…
I signed up for Socktober 2006 and so now I have to blog. I have to be able to post my progress. It’s still a few weeks away, which is good – I’m working on a scarf right now and really need to finish. But I just bought some Lorna’s Laces Bucks Bar & Jeans. The BB is for me, the Jeans will be socks for my dad, a Christmas present, if I can ever get the man’s foot measurements without him knowing why.
I’ve also been toying with the idea of purchasing all that Etsy yarn out there.
I’m obsessed with YarnPirate’s String Theory colorway. It may have to wait a little while – I have stash guilt.
I’ve been reading – I just finished Brookland by Emily Barton and I really loved it. It was literary and beautiful. Today I started Ordinary People by Judith Guest and it’s going really well so far. Very quick read.


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