Happy Birthday to me!

12 Oct

At 7:32 am, I turned the big 3-0. I don’t feel too weird. It’s the same as 29, really.

I have big things planned tonight -just kidding – I’m going to watch Lost & do some knitting on my Jaywalker sock, after I get home from work, of course.
I’m making the Jaywalkers with Lorna’s Laces, colorway Bucks Bar. I’ve had this yarn since May and haven’t known what to do with it – it’s so pretty, I almost didn’t want to do anything but admire the hank. But no – it must fulfill its yarn destiny – to be worn on my feet. It’s my first time using LL yarn and I really like it so far. My stitches aren’t as tight as I’d like them to be but I just started the 2×2 cuff. My cuffs never look right until I’m halfway done with the sock – although to fix this problem, I started making the cuff about a quarter or half inch longer than the pattern calls for – it makes them look a little better to me, I have no idea why. The last pair of Jaywalkers didn’t come out nearly as well as I’d have liked – I’m hoping that I learned something & that these will be better.
Ok, I’m off to do some reading.
Book I’m reading: To Feel Stuff by Andrea Seigel
Tea I’m drinking: Republic of Tea’s Earl Greyer Decaf


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