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vacation: day 3

21 Aug

Not much happening – watching Martha Stewart re-runs. Going grocery shopping soon, then laundry…fun times. That’s why I wanted to be on vacation, though, so I didn’t have to do anything.

Tomorrow, I think I’m driving up to some outlets – in Lee, MA. Hopefully, there will be a stopover in Northampton, to Webs. I really want some Brown Sheep or Berkshire Bulky to make some winter hats. Of course, I’ve also been considering making a Log Cabin blanket, which calls for Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Wool. That happens to be on clearance right now – and I’m torn. I know I probably shouldn’t buy it but closeout? Who can resist the Webs closeout?? I am not immune. Plus, Webs is always fun during the middle of the day.


blah,blah,blah, blog

19 Aug

it’s Sunday here at Condo Manor, and i’m knitting. i’m finally working on my Inside-Out socks, made of BMFA’s Socks that Rock, colorway Monsoon. It’s a Rockin’ Sock Club offering – the first skein, from February. i started it way back when it arrived, but ran into some trouble(it was too big), so i quit. Now, it’s the only skein of yarn already wound into a cake, and i need something to knit, so it’s back on the needles. i love it. This time, i’m using size 0 needles for all of the foot and i think that’ll make the difference.

right now i’m on vacation until August 27th and i couldn’t be happier. j is going to work monday but then she’s off the rest of the week. we both need time away…i can’t wait to just lay around. maybe do a little shopping, and get ready for the semester to begin.

we just got the internets here at home, so i’ll be able to check in more often – i hated blogging from work. i felt guilty. talk soon!