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19 Aug

it’s Sunday here at Condo Manor, and i’m knitting. i’m finally working on my Inside-Out socks, made of BMFA’s Socks that Rock, colorway Monsoon. It’s a Rockin’ Sock Club offering – the first skein, from February. i started it way back when it arrived, but ran into some trouble(it was too big), so i quit. Now, it’s the only skein of yarn already wound into a cake, and i need something to knit, so it’s back on the needles. i love it. This time, i’m using size 0 needles for all of the foot and i think that’ll make the difference.

right now i’m on vacation until August 27th and i couldn’t be happier. j is going to work monday but then she’s off the rest of the week. we both need time away…i can’t wait to just lay around. maybe do a little shopping, and get ready for the semester to begin.

we just got the internets here at home, so i’ll be able to check in more often – i hated blogging from work. i felt guilty. talk soon!


One Response to “blah,blah,blah, blog”

  1. Led August 19, 2007 at 6:12 pm #

    Yay, internets!!

    *waits patiently for blog update*

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