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New Hampshire

31 Oct

We’re leaving on Saturday morning for NH.  It’s where I spent 4 years of my youth(and disliked much of it) and where my mom & younger sister live now.  My older sister is visiting from Los Angeles with her kids & one of my aunts is visiting(or living there, I’m not sure) too.
JV hasn’t met my mom or older sister yet.  I’m sure they’ll get along fine – everyone seems excited to meet her.
The only thing I’m nervous about is the getting there.  I got good directions from my aunt & I’ve been on the drive hundreds of times but I’ve never been the one doing the driving, so keep your fingers crossed for us.
Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to take pictures of some fabulous scenery but we might have missed peak foliage time.  It’s usually a little drab by November.


off to Rhinebeck, er, Northampton

19 Oct

First we go to WEBS in the wee hours(for me anyway, I never get up before 8am and we have to be there by 7am) then we’re off to Rhinebeck.  I was wondering if it would have been easier for us just to go on our own but then we’d have to deal with the driving, finding directions, and all that stuff that makes my head hurt.

Oh and I’ve stepped over to the dark side, sort of.  I bought this roving from Funky Carolina – can’t wait until it arrives!  Of course, I still don’t have that spindle…when I get back from Rhinebeck I’m going to order it.  Just in case I find one there that I cannot live without, but I kinda doubt that will happen.

I definitely have to go now – not much to say but I have another chapter to finish – Intellectual Property -exciting!  And a quiz to take but last time I checked my email the prof hadn’t emailed me the link.  Grrr.

Something I noticed about Oprah.

12 Oct

It’s not a criticism but I think Oprah is newly obsessed with transgender individuals. Ever since the book Middlesex(which I own in hardcover & really have to read one of these days, since I do love Jeffrey Eugenides).
I mean, I love them too – I think they’re really brave and it’s great that they’re embracing what they really feel. But this is the 3rd or 4th episode I’ve seen advertised on my CBS affiliate that has transsexuals as subject.
I’ll say this: at least she’s giving them airtime. The one episode I saw last week had 2 young adults on – one was a 17 year old former girl & the other was a 21 year old former boy. Oprah was extremely respectful and kind toward them. And today, there are transgender families on. I’ll have to watch.

you may not know this about me…

10 Oct

since I haven’t talked much about it on the blog – but I do read.  Mostly fiction but many different authors, everything from classics like  Jane Austen & Charlotte Bronte(hey women’s college English major here, although there are many classics I have not read, which is embarrassing).   I love current authors like Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Weiner, Megan McCafferty and tons of adolescent lit(which I think is also discriminated against but that’s a post for another time).   To me, good writing is good writing.  What I love about books is the feeling that I know the characters, where they live, how they live, who they know.

Which is why I want to link here and here.  I love Jen Weiner’s comments – completely true and topical.  I’ve been finding Dwight Garner’s blog, Paper Cuts, to be elitist and self-important, just like the NYT book review itself.  I read the Review, but I’ve often wondered how they choose the books to review.  And I think Jen’s comments are accurate.

to spin or not to spin?

5 Oct

That’s something I’ve been thinking about lately. I’ve had a real urge to buy a spindle and roving. I don’t know if it’s something I’ll like doing, or if I’d stick with it, you know? But then I see these and I want one. I like the Little Si and the Tiger. Both so pretty. I’d definitely buy the Little Si, though, since I’m a complete beginner. I’m hoping that there will be some inspiration at Rhinebeck.

And as for the stick-with-it question, I guess the answer is that I wasn’t sure I’d stick with knitting either and it’s been more than a few years now. I don’t even really remember when I started knitting, come to think of it.

Any spinners out there with advice? I’d love the input!