you may not know this about me…

10 Oct

since I haven’t talked much about it on the blog – but I do read.  Mostly fiction but many different authors, everything from classics like  Jane Austen & Charlotte Bronte(hey women’s college English major here, although there are many classics I have not read, which is embarrassing).   I love current authors like Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Weiner, Megan McCafferty and tons of adolescent lit(which I think is also discriminated against but that’s a post for another time).   To me, good writing is good writing.  What I love about books is the feeling that I know the characters, where they live, how they live, who they know.

Which is why I want to link here and here.  I love Jen Weiner’s comments – completely true and topical.  I’ve been finding Dwight Garner’s blog, Paper Cuts, to be elitist and self-important, just like the NYT book review itself.  I read the Review, but I’ve often wondered how they choose the books to review.  And I think Jen’s comments are accurate.


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