New Hampshire

31 Oct

We’re leaving on Saturday morning for NH.  It’s where I spent 4 years of my youth(and disliked much of it) and where my mom & younger sister live now.  My older sister is visiting from Los Angeles with her kids & one of my aunts is visiting(or living there, I’m not sure) too.
JV hasn’t met my mom or older sister yet.  I’m sure they’ll get along fine – everyone seems excited to meet her.
The only thing I’m nervous about is the getting there.  I got good directions from my aunt & I’ve been on the drive hundreds of times but I’ve never been the one doing the driving, so keep your fingers crossed for us.
Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to take pictures of some fabulous scenery but we might have missed peak foliage time.  It’s usually a little drab by November.


One Response to “New Hampshire”

  1. Mellemel January 18, 2008 at 9:13 pm #

    I LOVE JV. She is so wonderful and you are perfectly matched.

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