the thursday blahs

8 Nov

With the change in seasons, I don’t have much to say lately. I’ve been really cold & tired. And yet, I have to keep up a daily routine – working, studying, etc. And I fear that I’m only going to be busier & get more tired as it gets colder.

This weekend we’re going to the Sugarloaf Craft Festival – hopefully I’ll find a few things for Christmas presents. I really have almost no idea what to get anyone. It’s like that every year – I am out of good ideas, then I scramble around & end up giving lame gifts.

I’m doing very little gift knitting this year. I want to make some Mason-Dixon “warshrags” for my mom & sisters but that’s really it. I’ve already got 1 made, 5 more to go! I think I have to pick up a little more cotton though – different colors especially.

Well, off to do a little reading before work.


One Response to “the thursday blahs”

  1. jvalways November 9, 2007 at 12:40 am #

    just give in and hibernate for the winter.

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