Yes, I’m stuck. Why do you ask?

17 Dec

This morning, I dug my car out – I didn’t park in my favorite spot & I wish I had. To me, the corner spots are the worst to get your car out of after a snowstorm. Don’t know why, it’s just how I feel. As I was shoveling out my back tire – sitting on a snowbank – one of my neighbors comes out, on his way to work. This is the same guy who always has at least 7-9 empty wine bottles in his recycling bin every week. I sincerely hope he just works at or owns a liquor store but if that’s the case, how does he make any money?
I present the following conversation:
Neighbor/possible lush: Are you stuck?
Me: Um, yes, but I think it’s just my back tires.
N/pl: Oh.
He continues walking to his car and proceeds to start clearing out his own car.
Maybe I’m weird, but I thought he might offer to help me. I’m not bitter about it but just think it was weird to ask if you weren’t going to offer to help. Right?
On the other hand, I don’t have to feel obligated to help him with anything now, do I?


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