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I dreamed about Hillary & Barack. At a campground.

21 Feb

Normally I don’t get political here — it’s just not what I want this space to be about. But something happened the other night that’s too weird not to document.

Here it is, my dream on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (February 19/20, 2008) of this week:

I was at a campground of some sort, there was a large building but when I went inside it was remarkably small and there were bleachers, like what you’d see at a child’s outdoor baseball game. So I sat among the people there – not too many people but enough to mostly fill the room. Then I noticed that Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton were there. Close enough that I could talk to them. In the dream, it was a Wednesday, there had just been a couple other state primaries and Barack had taken the lead in them. I was telling Hillary that it would all be okay, it would work out. It was all very normal and matter-of-fact to be speaking with them. The next thing I really remember about the dream is this: I was wandering around outside, carrying/draped in the bigged “Obama for President” sign ever.

I’m curious about several things:
1. Does this mean I’m two-faced and back-biting?
2. How did I dream this? I went to sleep Tuesday without any news of any primaries in my head.
3. Why did I dream this? I’ve been saying all along I’d vote for any Democratic candidate but I was really for John Edwards – I love him with a deep burning passion. It’s sorta sick how much I really love him, actually. I don’t actually think Hillary or Barack have actually earned all this media coverage & it bugs me how much coverage they have gotten from the very start. That’s not their fault, really, but my grudges tend to run deep.

I have no clue what it all means. My guess is that 2008 election season has gotten to me — and it’s not even close to November.


You call that cat food??

20 Feb

When there is canned food out that they don’t like, our cats will scrounge up what ever is left of the dry food, even licking the powder off the bowl, rather than eat the canned food.
It looks especially pathetic & funny. I almost feel bad for them until I remember how we spoil them.
They’re doing it right now & it’s really amusing me.

Happy Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

Love.  That’s all.

Protected: Just a Thursday.

14 Feb

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weirdest call of the day. so far.

3 Feb

Someone called the library, wanting to speak to the Reference librarian. I told her he was helping someone. She said she needed to know the name, number and address of ANY dental clinic in the Boston area.
I wasn’t going to interrupt him(that’s right, I work with a guybrarian – a term I don’t really like but still…) for that when I could easily Google one myself. So I found the Harvard School of Dental Medicine – gave her all the needed info.
But now I’m curious – why ANY clinic? How old is she? Why call this particular college library when what you want is in Boston?
Sometimes there are no answers.