weirdest call of the day. so far.

3 Feb

Someone called the library, wanting to speak to the Reference librarian. I told her he was helping someone. She said she needed to know the name, number and address of ANY dental clinic in the Boston area.
I wasn’t going to interrupt him(that’s right, I work with a guybrarian – a term I don’t really like but still…) for that when I could easily Google one myself. So I found the Harvard School of Dental Medicine – gave her all the needed info.
But now I’m curious – why ANY clinic? How old is she? Why call this particular college library when what you want is in Boston?
Sometimes there are no answers.


One Response to “weirdest call of the day. so far.”

  1. jvalways February 5, 2008 at 12:23 am #

    sounds like a job for . . .
    The LOCAL PUBLIC LIBRARY! (spoken like a super-hero)

    why do you indulge such people??
    yes, i know, sometimes it’s just easier.

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