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It Goes There.

29 Apr

Yesterday morning, I turned on the teevee and and was fixing the antenna for a certain channel.  I the Degrassi logo flash on the screen.  I said ‘what?’ – Jv said ‘i saw that too,” which was good – I thought I might be crazy.

Then there was a Degrassi commercial which encouraged the viewer to watch The N.  I don’t have cable, so The N is out of reach.  Continuing to fix antenna, credits start rolling – Degrassi credits!  Turns out it’s on at 8 am weekdays!!  What I love best is that there are characters I remember – sure, they play parents & teachers now, but still…they’re on!  And on The N’s website, there’s a Degrassi, Old School page.

It just ended – Marco just came out to Spinner.  Good stuff.
Now if only the show would find a different theme song


hodgepodge, potpourri, medley

14 Apr

What I’ve been up to, in a few paragraphs:

Updating my Ravelry yarn stash page, finishing another Odessa hat, this one for is for my sister Amanda – just in time for Spring! but at least it’ll be useful next winter, paring down my stash a bit – I’ve sold or traded a 7 or 8 skeins of sock yarn and sold a bunch of sweater yarn I just wasn’t going to use

Reading Jodi Picoult’s new novel Change of Heart – this one’s about the death penalty. I really loved it and was a sobbing mess at the end, as with all her books

Trying to grow my hair for Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths – we’ll see how this goes; my hair is at my shoulders now and I can’t be sure how long I’ll be able to take it because my hair is very heavy & thick – I might give up by late June

And last but not least, Torturing myself with taxes! I’m so late this time, it’s unreal – at least I’m getting a good return back – all thanks to Condo Manor!