6 Random Things

9 May

I was tagged by Jv, so I’m going to try to think of 6 things. Sometimes I wonder if there are that many things.

1. I still have my childhood transitional object. It’s a stuffed bunny named Bunny. Clever, no? Right now, it rests in a basket on a shelf above the bed.

2. I am having a serious sugar craving lately. Specifically, Dunkin’ Donuts. I was at the grocery store yesterday & there’s a little DD in there, right next to baked goods. I really could have gone for a glazed…

3. I am reading Persuasion by Jane Austen right now. I have never read it before(my college professors were more into the Brontes, Mark Twain & African American literature, all of which I like too) and I really like it so far.

4. I think that having tv shows on the network websites is one of the best ideas going. We don’t have cable tv, so I often have to try to record stuff. Some things come in better than others, so being able to watch Grey’s Anatomy & Lost the next day is the perfect solution.

5. Since getting the Keurig, I must have a cup of coffee every morning. Today, I haven’t had any yet and it’s bothering me. I love coffee – blueberry from Green Mountain is my favorite.  It would go nicely with a donut, wouldn’t it?

6. I have worked my last Sunday until September. It was this past week and I’m so happy to be working M-F.


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