13 May

When I’m working M-F 8-4, I actually do more work.  Shocking, right?  Heh.  Not really but still, it’s something I noticed today.  Today, I worked on my annual evaluation(due tomorrow but my boss won’t be in, so actually due Thursday – Guess what else?  I’ve done lots of stuff this year!), along with my regular tasks.  Plus, one co-worker is on vacation, so I was working on something she does too: checking in the magazines.  I usually like doing this task: I’m nosy and this allows me to see what’s coming in.  And read Poets & Writers, but that’s another story.

But yeah, even getting up at 6am to be to work at 8am isn’t that bad.  I find I like it, even.  I get to have dinner at home, watch evening tv and don’t spend the better part of the night under harsh fluorescent lighting.

Meanwhile, a friend of ours announced yesterday that she & her husband are expecting a baby in November…which means baby knits!  It did come as a shock, since she has said she doesn’t want kids for as long as I’ve known her.  I’m happy for them and they seem excited.  The husband liked one of my baby name ideas – Niamh, which is my absolute favorite.  He said “That’s a great Irish name!”  FYI: He’s from Ireland, raised in County Cork.  I can’t wait until they find out the gender so I can start knitting and know which colors to use.  I must wade through the yarn stash with visions of booties & little sweaters dancing in my head.


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