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snails & puppy dog tails

8 Jun

We found out yesterday that our friends Hanna & Cecil are having a boy.  We found out about the pregnancy a few weeks ago and I’ve been anxious to knit for them ever since.  I’ve been collecting all the free booties, hat & knitted toy patterns I can find.
I’m excited because now I can buy yarn – my stash is a little low on boyish colors.  But I’ve got a couple things that will be perfect.

It’s Sunday & I don’t have to work.  I’ve got all day to work on something!  I’m going to get started!



5 Jun

I’m home right now b/c I have a co-worker who was working tonight instead of me.  So just in time for the Celtics meeting the Lakers (I’m a New England girl, so I cannot, could not ever, in good conscience, root for the Lakers).  I am excited.

I went to the library on the way home, where I was surprised by 2 Barbara Walker stitch dictionaries & a 2007 Writer’s Market.

And now I will retire to the couch, where I will watch the game, possibly have another beer & browse the books for a possible cowl design.

ongoing stuff

1 Jun

hey there. things have been busy for the past couple weeks. i’ve finished working 8-4 for the summer(it went by quick!) and i miss it already. i really am resentful of getting home at 9pm every night. so i’ve been job hunting and applying for a few different positions – keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?  i feel like i’ll need some luck!

here’s some disappointment: today at Target, Firefly was on sale for $17.99, so we figured, why not? we put it in – it’s boring. couldn’t even finish the first episode. anyone out there – does it get better? should we try again? i hate to lose faith in Joss Whedon.