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a highway with no one on it…

23 Jul

i work daily from 12:30pm until 8:30pm, which means i’m on the highway coming home when it’s almost dark. this is my least favorite part of the ‘work experience’ but there’s no way around it unless i get a new job. which i’m working on.

anyway, on my way home last night, i got to a point in the highway where there’s an small incline & i have to actively speed up a little. i was in the right hand lane(the slow lane, right?) and going about 60 mph because with gas prices as they are, i’m not going to waste any when i’m just going home on a Tuesday night – i felt no need for speed. the posted speed limit is 50.

someone in an SUV or truck, I can’t tell for sure which it was, starts tailgating & flashing the high beams at me, rapidly & repeatedly. to me, this signals 2 things: the driver is either being a dick or it’s some sort of emergency alert to me – i was a little nervous because i had started to notice a car overheating sort of odor. so because i am a worrywart and because i drive like an old lady, i pulled over. nothing was wrong! i should have known.

why do drivers act this way? i don’t understand at all. i’ve been a driver(and a human, for that matter) long enough to know that i can’t change people’s behavior but still…
i was doing all the right things – in the slow lane, going a little above the limit…there was probably plenty of room for the person to change lanes(i didn’t really notice) but even if there wasn’t, slow the hell down! or change lanes! your emergency is NOT my emergency!


a 31-year-old Teenager

21 Jul

Most of the time, I feel like an adult.  However, there are days when I examine my interests and personal belongings; then I feel as though I’m living in my dad’s house in my 10×10 room(I don’t think I’m exaggerating the size – it was tiny).

I read Young Adult novels more often than what’s on the NYT best-seller list.  And I’m great with that – I get offended by people who think YA is a dumb genre.  I watch many different kinds of television shows but among my faves: Felicity, Everwood & Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It all comes down to this: growing up is hard.  Doing adult things is hard.  Not all the time but often, at least for me.  I’d love to not have to pay the bills, not have to work.  I want to flip back and forth between knitting & reading all day.  Will that happen any time soon?  Not likely.

I just like what I like, I guess.  Time to stop feeling guilty about it.

Upon Further Inspection:

15 Jul

Firefly does rock.  We tried again, mostly out of boredom.  Once past the first episode, it was actually good.  Now we must seek out Serenity: the Movie for story completion.  I have so many questions that need answering.  And also?  Worst theme song ever.  I don’t care if Joss Whedon wrote it himself, I hated it.

This is unrelated but I’m excited b/c this month marks One Life to Live’s 40th anniversary.  They’re going to be re-visioning certain stories – like when Asa & Bo were in Buchanan City, only this time, the adult Bo will play Asa and Rex will play a young Bo!  So excited.  I love the Rex/Bo dynamic – the banter is as funny as any prime time show, which may not be saying too much, but still.  It makes me laugh.

We want to see Batman: The Dark Knight but should we go this weekend?   I really love Christian Bale & love him as Batman.  And it makes me want to see Batman Begins again.  Perhaps I’ll order it for work.