Upon Further Inspection:

15 Jul

Firefly does rock.  We tried again, mostly out of boredom.  Once past the first episode, it was actually good.  Now we must seek out Serenity: the Movie for story completion.  I have so many questions that need answering.  And also?  Worst theme song ever.  I don’t care if Joss Whedon wrote it himself, I hated it.

This is unrelated but I’m excited b/c this month marks One Life to Live’s 40th anniversary.  They’re going to be re-visioning certain stories – like when Asa & Bo were in Buchanan City, only this time, the adult Bo will play Asa and Rex will play a young Bo!  So excited.  I love the Rex/Bo dynamic – the banter is as funny as any prime time show, which may not be saying too much, but still.  It makes me laugh.

We want to see Batman: The Dark Knight but should we go this weekend?   I really love Christian Bale & love him as Batman.  And it makes me want to see Batman Begins again.  Perhaps I’ll order it for work.


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