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I’ve Been Busy…

23 Aug

Mostly, dreading the return to work – Monday, Aug 25th.  It will also mark the return of the school year – students back on campus.  This is a good/bad thing.  I’ll miss the quiet but work won’t be as boring, which I really really hate.  There’s nothing worse(to me) than sitting at the front desk until 8:30 or 9:00 pm when no one’s coming in.  At least if I’m busy, the day usually flies by.
I’ve been wrapped up in ‘back to school’ feelings lately.  I really want to go back to school.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the money.  So for now, I’m applying for new jobs & hoping for something that’ll change my financial status a little.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?


Vacation Time

13 Aug

Not to rub salt in your wounds, but I’ve been on vacation from work since August 8th. It’s been nice.
I’ve been getting a few things done, gross things like cleaning the bathroom but also fun things, like going through the yarn stash, trying to pare down.
Today, I’m bringing lunch to Jv at work, then I’m running some errands bringing Bentley to the vet (he seems grouchy & his appetite isn’t what it normally is), getting quarters for laundry.

Tomorrow, who knows? I’d like to get some more cleaning done but I’d also like to sit around watching Dawson’s Creek for the whole day too.


2 Aug

We had a little incident here at Condo Manor last night – jv covers it here.  I don’t really have anything else that I could add to the drama of the story.

In other news, I’ve been applying to many different jobs all over the area for the past couple weeks.  I’m getting closer to figuring out my goal: obtaining a certificate in Paralegal studies.  This is something I think I could be good at.  It involves researching, writing, talking to people – all things that I do now.  I’m just trying to figure out how to pay for it.  One private college close to me has a program on Saturdays but it costs almost $8000 for 19 credits, not including books!  There’s a community college very close to me for about half that price that has a program but with my schedule, night classes are impossible until I find a new job.  There’s no way(so far, I’m looking into options) to get my current job to pay for this.

So, despite all the uncertainty, I’m feeling more hopeful than I have in the past month.  I had a conversation with my boss yesterday and I get the feeling that she’s ready for me to move on.  That sounds sad but it actually makes me happy – I felt somehow relieved when she said it – I’ve been there 8 years and there’s literally no where to move up and that I’m someone who could do more.  I’ve been feeling the same way.

So please keep your fingers crossed for me!