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aaand…good news!

29 Sep

I got a letter on Saturday from the financial aid office of the university I was accepted to.  I am eligible for financial aid that will almost cover all the course costs for the paralegal program. I’ve thought of a couple questions I need to ask, then I’ll be able to decide for sure what to do.

Tomorrow, I’m going to an open house presentation about paralegal career options.  I’m pretty excited about it and feel some weight lifted off my shoulders.  Now I’m plotting out(depending on course offerings) how long it might take me to complete the 19 credit program.


things I want for my birthday – a suggestion list.

29 Sep

just so everyone knows:

1. The new Jenny Lewis cd “Acid Tongue” and the new(ish) Death Cab for Cutie cd “Narrow Stairs.”
2. An iTunes gift card.
3. Size 9(7 or 8-inch) bamboo double pointed needles.
4. Size 8(16-inch) circular needles.  Addi Turbos if possible, but bamboo will definitely suffice.
5. Surprise me!

things I don’t want:

1. for my co-worker to buy me gin.  in her defense though, she did buy Tanqueray.  as much as I like gin, it was a weird package to open in front of the boss.

This also reminds me that I have to edit my Amazon page.  It’s a wee bit out of date.

why i love iTunes and e-Music…

24 Sep

because between the two, I downloaded within the past couple weeks:

My City was Gone by The Pretenders(which I love, love, love and am listening to right now)
Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
Last Nite by The Strokes
Wonderwall by Ryan Adams(by way of Oasis)
C’Mon, C’Mon by The Von Bondies (after many episodes of Rescue Me, I NEEEEDED this song)
Bad Reputation by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Hello It’s Me by Todd Rundgren (which I was a bit disappointed to find it wasn’t the exact original version but it’s good enough – I Saw The Light might be next)
Cruel To Be Kind by Nick Lowe
Nowhere Man by Paul Westerberg
Across the Universe by Rufus Wainwright
You’re Got to Hide Your Love Away by Eddie Vedder

And – all by Johnny Cash:
Folsom Prison Blues, I Walk the Line, Ring of Fire and Goodnight Irene

None of it ended up costing very much b/c Jv had a certain number of songs free on eMusic anyway, so I went a little crazy and only paid for the first 4 on iTunes.  I’ll have something to rock out to in the stacks today, that’s for sure…

Now for more coffee!

Vision Board/Journal/Whatever

23 Sep

I usually watch Oprah if I’m home at 4 on Fridays – if there’s a celebrity on, I usually won’t watch – I like when Oprah has real people with real stories on.  You may recall that I liked the Transgender episode. On this episode that I saw a couple months ago, she had Louise Hay(who I think might be my mom’s personal hero, along with Dr. Phil, if she were to have such a thing, I’m not sure), Martha Beck and Cheryl Richardson(who I’d never heard of) all talking about The Law of Attraction, which is, as I understand it, a key concept of The Secret.

Now, I scoffed at The Secret a little, only because it just seemed hokey.  The Law of Attraction is something I like a little better because it doesn’t come with weird & ugly graphics or New-Age music.

So I’m going to try to make a vision board.  This will be a big poster board that I put whatever I want on: dreams, aspirations, future plans, anything that might help me realize a higher goal.

funny, i think so too.

8 Sep

a new student worker that said to me tonight, ‘you’re cool for a librarian!’ with total shock & surprise.  i laughed and said thanks.


8 Sep

On my first day of school, I wouldn’t get on the bus.  I cried & cried and when my then stepfather tried to pick me up & put me on the first step, I struggled wildly, kicking & screaming but eventually climbing that first step.  The second day wasn’t quite as dramatic but there were tears.  By the third day, I was fine.

Now, however, I wish I could go back to school.  I long to be sipping coffee in class, taking notes, learning new things…and maybe launching a new career after I’m done.  But here’s the dilemma: there are 2 programs I’d like to take at two different colleges in the area(same subject matter).  1 program offers Saturday classes and the program ends up being almost $8000 and will take about a year, maybe a bit longer.  The other program is at a community college, so it will cost less but take longer and classes are at night.

Add to all of this that I’ve been searching for a new job, submitting resume after resume and have still come up with nothing.  No calls.  Very frustrating – I sorta feel like kicking & screaming right now.

But I’m trying to look at it this way: it’s still September & Autumn (my favorite season) begins soon, after that it will be October and my 32nd birthday and that means new possibilities and opportunities.  I hope.