8 Sep

On my first day of school, I wouldn’t get on the bus.  I cried & cried and when my then stepfather tried to pick me up & put me on the first step, I struggled wildly, kicking & screaming but eventually climbing that first step.  The second day wasn’t quite as dramatic but there were tears.  By the third day, I was fine.

Now, however, I wish I could go back to school.  I long to be sipping coffee in class, taking notes, learning new things…and maybe launching a new career after I’m done.  But here’s the dilemma: there are 2 programs I’d like to take at two different colleges in the area(same subject matter).  1 program offers Saturday classes and the program ends up being almost $8000 and will take about a year, maybe a bit longer.  The other program is at a community college, so it will cost less but take longer and classes are at night.

Add to all of this that I’ve been searching for a new job, submitting resume after resume and have still come up with nothing.  No calls.  Very frustrating – I sorta feel like kicking & screaming right now.

But I’m trying to look at it this way: it’s still September & Autumn (my favorite season) begins soon, after that it will be October and my 32nd birthday and that means new possibilities and opportunities.  I hope.


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