Vision Board/Journal/Whatever

23 Sep

I usually watch Oprah if I’m home at 4 on Fridays – if there’s a celebrity on, I usually won’t watch – I like when Oprah has real people with real stories on.  You may recall that I liked the Transgender episode. On this episode that I saw a couple months ago, she had Louise Hay(who I think might be my mom’s personal hero, along with Dr. Phil, if she were to have such a thing, I’m not sure), Martha Beck and Cheryl Richardson(who I’d never heard of) all talking about The Law of Attraction, which is, as I understand it, a key concept of The Secret.

Now, I scoffed at The Secret a little, only because it just seemed hokey.  The Law of Attraction is something I like a little better because it doesn’t come with weird & ugly graphics or New-Age music.

So I’m going to try to make a vision board.  This will be a big poster board that I put whatever I want on: dreams, aspirations, future plans, anything that might help me realize a higher goal.


3 Responses to “Vision Board/Journal/Whatever”

  1. jv September 24, 2008 at 1:01 am #

    dude. i totally want to make one to.
    we can start tnem together.

  2. libraryliz September 24, 2008 at 1:29 pm #

    Ok! I’m going to go through some magazines at work tonight – Psychology Today, in fact! Should be a great source.

  3. Melissa Wadsworth September 24, 2008 at 9:16 pm #

    Elizabeth, vision boards or what I refer to as dream boards are a great way to focus your intentional energy on your desires and dreams. They really help clarify things like: how you want to be in the world (confident, creative…), what you want to do (spread the joy of knitting…) and lifestyle elements you would like to envision enjoying. Some people just put the STUFF they want but that’s pretty limiting. I teach intuitive dream boards which let you bypass the thinking mind altoghether and get in touch with your sub-conscious and wise inner self. Sometimes we “think” we know what we want, but we can be off target. Intuitive dream boards let you see what you need right now, what would be most helpful, what the central theme in your life is. Intuitive dream boards can even let you glimpse invisible energy on the verge of manifesting into reality. A life preview. How cool is that. Have fun with your board!

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