18 Jun

Reading and knitting are my favorite hobbies. Something I’ve noticed is that I tend to knit the same patterns or same types of patterns over and over. And I tend to re-read the same books over and over.  This habit began for me in childhood. I lived in a very tiny town(fewer than 1,000 people) and it had one very tiny library. I read every age-appropriate book in it by the fourth grade, if it even took me that long. I devoured the books lying around the house, age-appropriate or not, so I learned what quaaludes were when I read Elvis and Me at age 9.

I also didn’t own many books. I distinctly remember when my dad bought me A Wrinkle in Time at Caldor (it passed his test because it was a Newbery winner), and I remember reading it but not really understanding it. Other than that, I owned The Velveteen Rabbit, Anne of Green Gables, and a few others that I can’t recall right now. But I’d read them over & over, also borrowing books from my teacher’s library at school, and working those into the rotation.

Now that it’s summer, even though I’m enrolled in a class, it has me wanting to re-read all my books. I’ve already started with the teen section. I finished Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen this morning. I know Along For the Ride was just published on Tuesday but while waiting for my library to acquire it, I needed to keep myself busy.

I’ll be reviewing Keeping the Moon for the blog shortly! It’s my favorite Sarah Dessen novel and the one that I think gets the least attention.


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