Relief/New Motivation

7 Dec

There’s not much to say right now. I’m done with class for the semester & not starting up again until February, so the past month has been a little weird(what to do with my free time? Facebook! Twitter! reading books for fun!), but stress-free in some ways, worrisome in others. Recently, I’ve been reading blog posts from Not Martha, The Fat Nutritionist, and Bodies in Motivation and have found real inspiration.

Last week, I went for three 45-minute walks – Tuesday through Thursday. My iPod was handy for distracting  me from “yes, you are walking” and “OMG, my calves hurt.” In addition, I went for my annual physical on Friday. I used to see an MD., but he since moved to Philadelphia three years ago, I’ve been treated by the APRN in the office. She’s a really lovely person who, even though I’m totally not in the best shape ever(even though round is totally a shape!), never makes me feel bad about myself. I really like her so much – we are building a rapport & I trust her(but I can’t lie – I really miss my MD who moved. I loved that guy!).

I know I could/should be healthier. What was wonderful to find out during this visit was that I actually am healthy. My blood pressure is completely normal(124/76), my fasting glucose levels are great(can’t remember that number), and my “bad” cholesterol is 99.

When we discussed my concerns, I mentioned that I  sometimes feel a weird tightness in my chest, sort of a sharp pain but it always ends fairly quickly. So I had a quick ECG to find out if anything is wrong. Turns out, nothing is. It turned out “beautiful” – direct quote. So I’ve been feeling lots of relief. APRN thinks that I have acid reflux. Which, the more I thought about it, completely makes sense. I have some of these symptoms.

I’ve had lots of time to think lately about where I want my life to go, what my career goals are, and yes, how my body & brain will help me achieve them. It’s only fair of me to treat them kindly. So my plan is to take more walks, use some exercise DVDs, and change some eating habits. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a baker & I will love food forever. I cannot give it up. Nor should I – but I need to modify and be sensible.

We’ll see where this takes me.


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