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New blog!

24 Jul

I’m excited to announce that I started a reader/reviewer blog. It’s called (library)Liz Reads.

I hope to review YA novels, post some book news, and things of that nature, but I because I read more than YA, I may review more than YA. Basically, if I’ve read it, I want to review it there.

Please email me with any comments! Thanks for reading!


Protected: Just a Thursday.

14 Feb

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worth another look(again).

9 Dec

I changed the header to something I think is pretty festive. Downright cute. The girl I live with is very crafty. Seriously, as crafty as Martha, the only reason she isn’t more crafty is that we don’t have M’s money.
Anyway, a couple years ago she made gift tags for everyone she gave a Christmas present to or at least me, her parents & sister. I kept mine b/c I loved it and posted it on my bulletin board. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about what I could use for a unique header and I saw this. We scanned it, cropped it and there it is up there, all cute & adorable. And festive. I forgot to say festive again.

I also want to mention that while I’m not exactly giving too many knit gifts this year, I am making Mason-Dixon warshrags for my mom & sisters. 2 each. I’ve got 3 done and started the 4th last night while watching Grey’s Anatomy & Dirty Sexy Money on the ABC website. Oh & you know what I found on ABC’s website??? My So-Called Life!!! – I already have the dvds(I got the old ones, way before the new/fancy dvds came out, the Christmas after I got a dvd player).  And reminds me of just how much I love and adore Ed Zwick & Marshall Herskovitz, not to mention Winnie Holzman. Seriously.
Now when’s that 3rd season of Once and Again coming to dvd?? It’s winter, it’s cold, I wanna hunker down with some knitting & drama.

second day, new blog

24 May

So far, I like this WordPress.  I haven't had too much time to play yet but so far…thumbs up!
Stuff's boring right now – the only things in my life today are knitting, looking forward to tonight's episode of Lost and ruminating on the series finale of Alias. 
It was so sad and while I knew that not everything would be wrapped up, I was pretty satisfied with what was tied together.  Old characters were seen again(Good Francie!), SpyMommy came back of course and Sloane got his in a way that I didn't quite anticipate.  I admit it, I never thought any of that Rambaldi stuff really meant anything.  Just like I don't believe that anything will happen if we don't push "the button" on Lost.  But if I'm wrong, I can't wait to see it.