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New blog!

24 Jul

I’m excited to announce that I started a reader/reviewer blog. It’s called (library)Liz Reads.

I hope to review YA novels, post some book news, and things of that nature, but I because I read more than YA, I may review more than YA. Basically, if I’ve read it, I want to review it there.

Please email me with any comments! Thanks for reading!



18 Jun

Reading and knitting are my favorite hobbies. Something I’ve noticed is that I tend to knit the same patterns or same types of patterns over and over. And I tend to re-read the same books over and over.  This habit began for me in childhood. I lived in a very tiny town(fewer than 1,000 people) and it had one very tiny library. I read every age-appropriate book in it by the fourth grade, if it even took me that long. I devoured the books lying around the house, age-appropriate or not, so I learned what quaaludes were when I read Elvis and Me at age 9.

I also didn’t own many books. I distinctly remember when my dad bought me A Wrinkle in Time at Caldor (it passed his test because it was a Newbery winner), and I remember reading it but not really understanding it. Other than that, I owned The Velveteen Rabbit, Anne of Green Gables, and a few others that I can’t recall right now. But I’d read them over & over, also borrowing books from my teacher’s library at school, and working those into the rotation.

Now that it’s summer, even though I’m enrolled in a class, it has me wanting to re-read all my books. I’ve already started with the teen section. I finished Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen this morning. I know Along For the Ride was just published on Tuesday but while waiting for my library to acquire it, I needed to keep myself busy.

I’ll be reviewing Keeping the Moon for the blog shortly! It’s my favorite Sarah Dessen novel and the one that I think gets the least attention.


10 May

My class has finished & the next one starts on June 6th, so until then, I plan on reading, sleeping, & knitting some fun stuff!

I’m way late on this one but Jellicoe Road has been sitting on my shelves for awhile and I’ve been feeling guilty. Now that I have some free time, I’m turning pages like a hurricane. Can’t wait to finish!

Also, changed to SpringLoaded theme b/c it’s fresh and fancy.  I swear, this blog’s appearance could change weekly, I’m so indecisive. But this one’s a keeper for now. The perfect mix of dark & light.

One more thing…I’ve been playing with Picnik, a photography application. It’s really fun. Here’s a before & after of Mia:


schooling/working/reading/v.little knitting

17 Apr

I started taking Saturday classes to become a paralegal on Feb 28th.  Since then, it’s been lots of chaos and not nearly as much time for anything as fun!  It’s interesting but I get about a month off in a few weeks and I’m really looking forward to it. Then I’ll start a Legal Research & Writing class in June.

Things I want to do: read a few YA books that have just been published. or that are soon-to-be published, plus a few that I’ve been meaning to get to, like Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta and Paper Towns by John Green.
I also have a few projects I was knitting that I want to finish. First on my list, the pair of Roza’s socks by the talented Grumperina.  I was really happy with my progress until I had to put them down to finish some school work.

I’m thinking about re-tooling the blog a little.  I am starting to feel like I don’t blog b/c I have little to say.  I was thinking about starting a new chapter by maybe reviewing some books, yarns, and other things that interest me.
We’ll see how that goes. Stay tuned!

Dare I say, “the New Classics”?

14 May

Right here, right now, I’ve got a Summer 2008 resolution. It’s something I usually do every summer anyway, but this year, I really mean it. I’m going to read the books on my shelves; this is the only rule. I’ve got lots of books on my shelves & many of them have been started & not finished or never started at all.

The list so far: Wuthering Heights, Villette, The Hotel New Hampshire, Peter Pan, Middlesex, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, The Historian, Catch-22, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Ice Storm, Middlemarch, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie, and finally, The Princess Bride.

There are more on the shelves & I haven’t decided the order in which I’ll read these books but this is a good start, I think. I’m excited about the list because it’s a nice mix of modern and classic.

Something I noticed about Oprah.

12 Oct

It’s not a criticism but I think Oprah is newly obsessed with transgender individuals. Ever since the book Middlesex(which I own in hardcover & really have to read one of these days, since I do love Jeffrey Eugenides).
I mean, I love them too – I think they’re really brave and it’s great that they’re embracing what they really feel. But this is the 3rd or 4th episode I’ve seen advertised on my CBS affiliate that has transsexuals as subject.
I’ll say this: at least she’s giving them airtime. The one episode I saw last week had 2 young adults on – one was a 17 year old former girl & the other was a 21 year old former boy. Oprah was extremely respectful and kind toward them. And today, there are transgender families on. I’ll have to watch.

you may not know this about me…

10 Oct

since I haven’t talked much about it on the blog – but I do read.  Mostly fiction but many different authors, everything from classics like  Jane Austen & Charlotte Bronte(hey women’s college English major here, although there are many classics I have not read, which is embarrassing).   I love current authors like Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Weiner, Megan McCafferty and tons of adolescent lit(which I think is also discriminated against but that’s a post for another time).   To me, good writing is good writing.  What I love about books is the feeling that I know the characters, where they live, how they live, who they know.

Which is why I want to link here and here.  I love Jen Weiner’s comments – completely true and topical.  I’ve been finding Dwight Garner’s blog, Paper Cuts, to be elitist and self-important, just like the NYT book review itself.  I read the Review, but I’ve often wondered how they choose the books to review.  And I think Jen’s comments are accurate.