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Sock Knitting Ennui…Opinion Wanted!

9 Aug

I love knitting socks. Under most circumstances, they are quick, portable and fun to make. There are so many patterns, foot sizes and types of sock yarn out there, that I can’t get bored with them. Usually. Right now, I’m bored with the sock I was knitting. There’s nothing wrong with the pattern at all. I’ve made a pair using it before & I loved the results. I also love the designer.

I think the ennui stems from the fact that these were also the last pair of socks I made. They weren’t for me, so I thought, oh I’ll just make a pair for myself. Alas, they’ve been sitting & sitting. I got to a certain part & I realized, I don’t want to knit these anymore. I need something different.

With a slight wince, I cut the yarn & started over. I think I want to make another pair of Monkey socks…but I’m not sure. I’ve made these twice before, so I’m a bit worried that I’ll be bored again.

Or, do I start something completely new – with a different yarn altogether.
Papaver is another pattern I haven’t made yet & adore.  And I have the perfect pink/reddish yarn for it. When i got the yarn, this was the pattern I had in mind.

So, what do you think? Which sock should I make next?


Home Ec.

4 Aug

So, hey there. Instead of writing a big post(again) about how guilty I feel for neglecting the blog, how busy I am, etc., I thought I’d just jump back in. I’m surprised in a way that I’ve done this, but I’ve signed up for an online sewing class.

A little history: After my grandmother passed away, my dad found her sewing machine in a closet. He actually said to me that he was going to throw it out! I said “Don’t you dare!!” So, he kept it & every few months over the past 4 years since she’s been gone, I’d think “I really have to do something with that machine. It shouldn’t just be sitting there. Someone should be using it.” And I decided that someone should be me.

This July 4th weekend, I dragged Nana’s Kenmore Zig Zag 1410 sewing machine (pictures coming soon – it’s so cute!) out of the closet, set it up at the kitchen table and plugged it in. It just hummed, sort of. Then I stepped on the foot pedal. It reminded me of driving a car in a way, just not quite as scary. Then the needle of the machine started to move. It seems like it is in good shape.
In fact, I really don’t remember seeing Nana use it. I think she may have used it more for hemming & fixing some clothing, rather than quilting or making clothes. My mom & her mom are the hobby sewists and I sadly never thought of my father’s mother having much interest in this hobby. Anyway, online I’d been able to find out that the machine might have been produced by Sears sometime between the very late 1960s and mid 1970s. My dad has never paid much attention to this sort of thing, so he has no idea when Nana might have bought it.

Satisfied that it might suit my purposes, I stopped the machine & put it away. I’d been searching for YouTube tutorials about how to use a sewing machine, scouring Amazon for possible new machines(I was curious and at that point, not sure if my grandmother’s machine would work), and looking up books about sewing. Then I saw a tutorial by Leigh-Ann of FreckledNest, a blog I’d never read before. Leigh-Ann happened to be close to announcing an online sewing class. I sent her an email, asking for further details, and decided I would sign up.

I’m a bit nervous to start. I’ve got my supply list printed & want to buy some fabric this weekend. The first project is Cloth Napkins.  I’m going to give it a try, following the tutorials about getting to know the machine. I’m excited about it and hopeful.

Wish me luck!