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Sock Knitting Ennui…Opinion Wanted!

9 Aug

I love knitting socks. Under most circumstances, they are quick, portable and fun to make. There are so many patterns, foot sizes and types of sock yarn out there, that I can’t get bored with them. Usually. Right now, I’m bored with the sock I was knitting. There’s nothing wrong with the pattern at all. I’ve made a pair using it before & I loved the results. I also love the designer.

I think the ennui stems from the fact that these were also the last pair of socks I made. They weren’t for me, so I thought, oh I’ll just make a pair for myself. Alas, they’ve been sitting & sitting. I got to a certain part & I realized, I don’t want to knit these anymore. I need something different.

With a slight wince, I cut the yarn & started over. I think I want to make another pair of Monkey socks…but I’m not sure. I’ve made these twice before, so I’m a bit worried that I’ll be bored again.

Or, do I start something completely new – with a different yarn altogether.
Papaver is another pattern I haven’t made yet & adore.  And I have the perfect pink/reddish yarn for it. When i got the yarn, this was the pattern I had in mind.

So, what do you think? Which sock should I make next?