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off to Rhinebeck, er, Northampton

19 Oct

First we go to WEBS in the wee hours(for me anyway, I never get up before 8am and we have to be there by 7am) then we’re off to Rhinebeck.  I was wondering if it would have been easier for us just to go on our own but then we’d have to deal with the driving, finding directions, and all that stuff that makes my head hurt.

Oh and I’ve stepped over to the dark side, sort of.  I bought this roving from Funky Carolina – can’t wait until it arrives!  Of course, I still don’t have that spindle…when I get back from Rhinebeck I’m going to order it.  Just in case I find one there that I cannot live without, but I kinda doubt that will happen.

I definitely have to go now – not much to say but I have another chapter to finish – Intellectual Property -exciting!  And a quiz to take but last time I checked my email the prof hadn’t emailed me the link.  Grrr.


vacation: day 3

21 Aug

Not much happening – watching Martha Stewart re-runs. Going grocery shopping soon, then laundry…fun times. That’s why I wanted to be on vacation, though, so I didn’t have to do anything.

Tomorrow, I think I’m driving up to some outlets – in Lee, MA. Hopefully, there will be a stopover in Northampton, to Webs. I really want some Brown Sheep or Berkshire Bulky to make some winter hats. Of course, I’ve also been considering making a Log Cabin blanket, which calls for Elsbeth Lavold’s Silky Wool. That happens to be on clearance right now – and I’m torn. I know I probably shouldn’t buy it but closeout? Who can resist the Webs closeout?? I am not immune. Plus, Webs is always fun during the middle of the day.

My first skeins of Koigu.

18 Jun

It had to be done. I’d been thinking about it forever and since reading about Gelato. Today, I was killing time before an appointment and needed some size 4 circs. Once I had those, I wandered over to the sock yarns in my LYS.

I have never knit with Koigu KPPPM. It seems like everyone has, right? Sometimes I can’t believe I haven’t. But I know why. Even though I’m sure it’s worth the price, I can’t often justify spending $24 for 2 skeins of it for a pair of socks – 350 yards of it – when Socks that Rock is $19 for 360 yds. And I can’t seem to find it any cheaper on the Internets. Who knows, though, this may be the beginning of Koigu-a-holic tendencies. The colors are all beautiful – I had a hard time deciding but I finally found 2 skeins of P505.

I think these may be destined to be Cookie A’s BFF socks. She used Koigu and I might as well try to make something with the yarn it calls for, just this once. It won’t become a habit.

Now to get them skeined up without the “help” of my kittens…