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19 Apr

Last night, we went to see the Indigo Girls. It was really fun but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have, due to just being tired. They played songs I haven’t heard live, like “Hammer and a Nail” along with songs I really don’t care to hear live again but cannot avoid, like “Closer to Fine” and “Galileo.” Both wonderful songs but just tired of hearing them at every IG show I go to. Which, admittedly, isn’t many. But enough. Shawn Mullins opened up for them. I haven’t heard anything from him in quite some time, which is sad. He’s a good artist with a unique voice. You can tell he really loves what he’s doing.

Also last night, I dreamt that our upstairs neighbor was kidnapping people and when I tried to rescue them, he ended up kidnapping me too.  I wish I could remember the rest.  It was disturbing.

Must remember that upstairs neighbor really is a nice man.  And not a kidnapper.

Today, I’m working on a rough draft of a paper that’s due soon.

Lame attempt at blogging more, but also, just saying what’s on my mind.


I dreamed about Hillary & Barack. At a campground.

21 Feb

Normally I don’t get political here — it’s just not what I want this space to be about. But something happened the other night that’s too weird not to document.

Here it is, my dream on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning (February 19/20, 2008) of this week:

I was at a campground of some sort, there was a large building but when I went inside it was remarkably small and there were bleachers, like what you’d see at a child’s outdoor baseball game. So I sat among the people there – not too many people but enough to mostly fill the room. Then I noticed that Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton were there. Close enough that I could talk to them. In the dream, it was a Wednesday, there had just been a couple other state primaries and Barack had taken the lead in them. I was telling Hillary that it would all be okay, it would work out. It was all very normal and matter-of-fact to be speaking with them. The next thing I really remember about the dream is this: I was wandering around outside, carrying/draped in the bigged “Obama for President” sign ever.

I’m curious about several things:
1. Does this mean I’m two-faced and back-biting?
2. How did I dream this? I went to sleep Tuesday without any news of any primaries in my head.
3. Why did I dream this? I’ve been saying all along I’d vote for any Democratic candidate but I was really for John Edwards – I love him with a deep burning passion. It’s sorta sick how much I really love him, actually. I don’t actually think Hillary or Barack have actually earned all this media coverage & it bugs me how much coverage they have gotten from the very start. That’s not their fault, really, but my grudges tend to run deep.

I have no clue what it all means. My guess is that 2008 election season has gotten to me — and it’s not even close to November.

weirdest call of the day. so far.

3 Feb

Someone called the library, wanting to speak to the Reference librarian. I told her he was helping someone. She said she needed to know the name, number and address of ANY dental clinic in the Boston area.
I wasn’t going to interrupt him(that’s right, I work with a guybrarian – a term I don’t really like but still…) for that when I could easily Google one myself. So I found the Harvard School of Dental Medicine – gave her all the needed info.
But now I’m curious – why ANY clinic? How old is she? Why call this particular college library when what you want is in Boston?
Sometimes there are no answers.